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Outdoor lighting creates functional and aesthetically pleasing effects

Shedding Light On Safety And Dramatic Effect

Good landscape lighting design results in creative and functional systems that extend the usefulness and enjoyment of the landscape into the night. Since 1992, North State Gardens has been designing and implementing 12-Volt lighting systems with the following goals:

  • Provide for safe movement through the outdoor environment
  • Increase security of the home
  • Provide general illumination for using outdoor spaces at night
  • Create aesthetically pleasing effects from the subtle to the dramatic
  • Add dimension and scale to outdoor spaces in the dark of night
  • Result in a low maintenance system
Landscape Lighting and Design, Wilmington NC

Today's modern lighting products are virtually corrosion-proof and boast warranties of 10 years or longer. The latest LED lamps last far longer than designs of just a few years ago, making these systems much more trouble-free. We also offer a quarterly lighting maintenance program to ensure that the system works when you need it.

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