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Our Services

From designing to installing to maintaining your landscape, North State Gardens not only delivers the complete range of services, we focus our efforts on total customer satisfaction.

Our company is family owned and operated in Wilmington, NC. We encourage you to contact us to schedule a FREE consultation about your landscaping needs in any of the following service areas:

From classic landscapes to contemporary and modern installations, NSG can cover all your needs

Landscape Installation

Whether the installation is a renovation or a new landscape, we have the knowledge, people, skills and equipment to do the best job possible. We use only reputable sources for our plants and other materials, and we demand quality for our clients. We personally select plant material for each job with a focus on health, vigor and form for the particular function.

The design/build relationship is a real advantage for our clients. Each project has a team, consisting of a designer and a field foreman, which manages the project from beginning to end. This single source accountability ensures that the end result will exceed the client's expectations. We are also happy to work with independent landscape architects and designers to implement their plans.

Layered garden flowers and sloping lawn


A well-designed and maintained irrigation system is the most effective and practical way to meet the water requirements of your landscape.  At North State Gardens, we use the latest technology to put the right amount of water where and when it is needed.  

Examples of our highly efficient irrigation products include:

  • Rain-sensing shutoffs that stop watering after adequate rainfall.

  • Super efficient and targeted drip systems for landscape beds that put precise amounts of water exactly where it is needed.

North State Gardens is a bonded North Carolina Registered Irrigation Contractor.

Have that beautiful lawn by July 4th!

Lawn Maintenance

Mowing and lawn cleanup – We compost and re-use all grass clippings and lawn debris that is collected.
  • Shrub and tree care, including IPM weed, disease and insect control

  • Lawn care programs customized for your lawn

  • Expert pruning to keep trees and shrubs healthy and performing as intended

  • Cutting-edge seasonal color design, installation and maintenance

  • Edging and mulching

  • Dune planting, including American beach grass, sea oats and other dune plants

Gorgeous new paver driveway going in for

Hardscapes: Stone & Paving

Hardscapes can be just about anything structural: walkways, patios, driveways, walls, fences, arbors or fireplaces. Because gardens are created for people, the two main purposes of hardscapes are to accommodate the movement of people through the garden and to provide a gathering place in the landscape.

Whether it is a patio for cooking out and enjoying the outdoors or a walkway to the front door, hardscapes are an important element in tying the house to the garden and making the outdoors a more integrated part of the home.

Our craftsmen are certified installers of today's highly popular interlocking concrete pavers and segmental retaining walls. North State Gardens guarantees the performance and durability of each of our installations.

Outdoor lighting is important not only for safety but aesthetic value!


Good landscape lighting design results in creative and functional systems that extend the usefulness and enjoyment of the landscape into the night. Since 1992, North State Gardens has been designing and implementing 12-Volt lighting systems with the following goals:

  • Provide for safe movement through the outdoor environment

  • Increase security of the home

  • Provide general illumination for using outdoor spaces at night

  • Create aesthetically pleasing effects from the subtle to the dramatic

  • Add dimension and scale to outdoor spaces in the dark of night

  • Result in a low maintenance system

Today's modern lighting products are virtually corrosion-proof and boast warranties of 10 years or longer. The latest LED lamps last far longer than designs of just a few years ago, making these systems much more trouble-free. We also offer a quarterly lighting maintenance program to ensure that the system works when you need it.

As a premium landscape design/build firm, we have the capability to move and replant large existing trees, saving them for future generations

Tree Moving

Planning a construction project or landscape renovation? Need a sustainable and cost-saving way to utilize existing plant material?

Our 36" Optimal 880 tree spade allows us to economically transplant and re-use desirable existing shrubs and trees up to 3.5' caliper. Nice plants that are in the wrong place or plants that are in the way of construction can now be quickly and efficiently transplanted or dug and held for future use.

The compact design of the Optimal 880 enables us to dig plants as close as 2.5' from a building, fence or other obstruction.

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