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Sustainability:  Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. 
-World Commission on Environment and Development. Our Common Future, page 8. (Oxford, Great Britain: Oxford University Press, 1987).

Landscape design, irrigation and maintenance impact our environment in many ways.  After all, we are basically altering the environment to suit our needs. North State Gardens takes our responsibility toward the environment very seriously. Below are some especially sustainable or green practices and products that we are very proud to offer.

In plant beds, we use super efficient and targeted drip systems that put precise amounts of water exactly where it is needed.

All of our irrigation systems are equipped with rain sensors to stop watering during sufficient rain. More sophisticated systems are also available that automatically increase or decrease watering according to current conditions.

We compost all of our lawn trimmings and use them as soil amendments.

Whenever possible, we use organic pesticides and fertilizers. Totally organic programs are available.

Our tree and shrub fertilizer is formulated so that most of the nitrogen is in a slow-release form. This provides necessary nutrients for the health of the plants without forcing excessive growth, which attracts pests and necessitates more frequent pruning.

Our horticulturalists employ Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methods in their pest control regimen. This means that the crews are trained to scout for pests and treat only when necessary.

Our expert pruning methods extend the life of shrubs and keep them performing as the designer intended. Opening the plants to sunlight and air movement reduces the need for pesticides and makes it easier for our horticulturalists to catch pest problems before they are out of hand.

Our number one concern in Landscaping is sustainability and enviromental protection.
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